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We aim to make sure that you always have the support that you need to fully utilize your Osstell instrument. We work together with our distribution partners to provide you the absolute best support possible.

Should you experience any problems with your Osstell instrument, please contact your local dealer first. If your dealer cannot help or if this is not possible, then you are of course always welcome to contact Osstell. The quickest way is by filling in the on-line form. You can also contact Osstell support via phone or e-mail, contact information is below:

Contact Mac Technologies Support

Telephone us on: 01637 871479
e-mail: support@mactechnologies.ltd.uk
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Quick remedies

Did you know that the most common problems experienced with the Osstell ISQ are easily remedied in just a few quick steps? Please check below to see whether any of these scenarios apply to your situation.

How to take measurements with the Osstell ISQ

No reading from the Osstell ISQ

Resetting the Osstell ISQ