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ISQ - Accessories and Spare Parts

ISQ Data Manager

ISQ Data Manager

The ISQ Data Manager is a Windows based software that enables storage, viewing and printing of measurements, made with Osstell ISQ, and patient data. Patients may be tracked and implants progress monitored after transfer of data from Osstell ISQ to a PC. You can export data, create graphs and overview the meausures in a spreadsheet. ISQ Data Manager can be used both to Osstell ISQ and Osstell Mentor.


ISQ Probe

Osstell ISQ Probe

To use Osstell ISQ instrument as effectively as possible it is recommended to have more than one probe, iIt makes it easier to autoclave between patients. The length including cable is 150cm. The ISQ probe may also be used together with Osstell Mentor.


Osstell ISQ Soft Caser

Osstell ISQ Soft Case

The Soft Case is used to carry and protect your Osstell ISQ instrument when it is not in use. The case is light and made of leather and closes with a zipper. You can easily fit your Osstell ISQ instrument, probe, charger and a couple of SmartPeg boxes in your Soft Case. Dimensions: 26 x 22 x 7 cm (10.2 x 8.7 x 2.8 inches) Weight: 2,4 hg (0.53 lbs)


ISQ UK Power Supply

ISQ UK Power Supply

Power supply with a adapter for AC/DC outlet of UK type. This power supply can be used to Osstell ISQ and Osstell Mentor. The use of any other power supply might cause damage to the instrument.


Probe Extension Cable

Probe Extension Cable

An extension cable to Osstell ISQ probe or Osstell Mentor probe. The length of the extension cable is 150 cm. (59,1 In) The cable is autoclavable.


SmartPeg Mount

SmartPeg Mount

The autoclavable SmartPeg Mount is used to carry and connect the SmartPeg to the implant or abutment. SmartPeg mounts comes in boxes of 5.