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At the Osstell Scientific Forum, researchers and clinicians will find scientific information, case descriptions and clinical data relating to the practical use of the ISQ scale. Several hundred published studies involving RFA stability measurements and the ISQ scale are accessible on this site. In addition to extensive tests of RFA measuring instruments, a multitude of these scientific studies have explored the outcome of different loading protocols with different clinical indications, using ISQ measurements to monitor osseointegration.

Individual case descriptions, submitted to the website by implant clinicians, provide valuable insight for others who wish to increase their understanding of stability issues in specific situations. There is also a rapidly growing database of measuring data captured and recorded by implant dentists in their daily practice.

Want to contribute?

If you choose to contribute by providing clinical cases, measurement data or new studies you will help to build a significant knowledge base to the benefit of all involved clinicians.

Please contact: scientificforum@osstell.com