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The Osstell Beacon

Implant stability? Easy.

The Osstell Beacon helps you to objectively and non-invasively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration without jeopardizing the healing process. The Osstell Beacon uses proprietary and evidence based RFA technology, based on more than 1000 published scientific studies.

The All New Osstell Beacon is completely wireless and has a unique motion sensor to turn the unit on and off. The tip lights up as seen above and the two directional readings are shown on the small display. 

The Osstell Beacon is smaller and lighter than the IDx and easy to use however is does not offer the same features of the Idx with storing data directly in the unit. It is a great option for those on the move and comes with a convenient travel case. It can be paired to a computer via bluetooth to access OsstellConnect and the data can then be handled in very much the same way as the Osstell IDx.

How do you determine when to load? Still tapping?

Requests for shorter treatment times along with a growing number of risk patients place greater demands on dentists and the available technology. There is an increasing need to evaluate implant stability before final restoration, that cannot be achieved using traditional methods such as torque and percussion tests. Osstell helps you to easily identify which implants are stable enough for loading, allowing you to reduce treatment times and better manage implants at risk.

Easily interpret results through intuitive color coding.

A touch screen display shows the results of each measurement per implant. Simply assess the implant stability before final restoration by comparing the value to the baseline reading taken at implant placement.

Access and share data for more efficient collaborations.

Patient data and results can be stored directly in the device or accessed through the IDx portal Osstell Connect, enabling you to analyze implant and patient data, and to collaborate more effectively with your colleagues. You also get access to remote service and support, data back-up and automatic updates.

Improved patient communication.

Clearly communicate treatment plans with easy to read graphs that show the stability development of each implant.

Osstell Beacon. Less guesswork. More insight.