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Osstell ISQ

The Osstell ISQ has been superseded by the Osstell IDx and the Osstell Beacon. It is however still available in the UK for audiology.

Osstell ISQ is the second generation implant stability meters from Osstell. Like its predecessor, Osstell Mentor, it uses RFA (Resonance Frequency Analysis) as a method of measurement.The Osstell ISQ still remains a viable unit for use in audiology.

Main improvements:

  • Faster measuring results
  • Updated firmware for increased efficiency and user-friendliness
  • Improved, attractive design with back-lit display and built in docking station
  • Less sensitivity to electromagnetic noise

Measurements are displayed on the back-lit display at the point of measurement, with the capacity to store up to 400 measurements in the instrument. The Data Manager software allows you to enter patient data and store measurements on your computer. Measurements stored in the instrument are transferred to the computer via the built in docking station.