Helpful information for courses using
the Osstell ISQ

We are please to be associated with your implant course where you will be provided with an understanding of how the Osstell ISQ will help you with your implant surgery.

The Osstell ISQ, invented by UK Professor Neil Meredith in 1992, uses resonant frequency analysis to give an objective reading on a 1-100 scale and gives a reliable measurement of implant stability. This benefits in many ways but key is the ability to understand the osseointegration process and help you with predictable surgical and restorative protocols. This can lead to reduced treatment times and confidence in handling risk patients.

Your course instructor will introduce you to the Osstell ISQ but you will also find some helpful information on these pages to help you understand the great benefits the Osstell ISQ will bring to your surgery.

Stage 1

Introduction videos

The following videos will open in a new window and are just a few minutes long.

Introduction to the Osstell ISQ click here

How to use the Osstell ISQ click here

Why Osstell with Dr Peter Moy click here

Useful literature

The following files are available to download as pdf files.

How to take measurements with the Osstell ISQ click here

No reading from the Osstell ISQ click here

Resetting the Osstell ISQ click here

Osstell ISQ Brochure click here



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