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Ceramir Crown & Bridge

Bioactive, simple and strong: Ceramir C&B is a revolutionary product that has changed the way dentists think about cementation. It's not just about getting the crown to stick on! Ceramir C&B sets itself apart from all other cements on the market today with its completely unique features and benefits.
  • Ceramir C&B sets at a high pH
  • Forms apatite
  • Cleans up effortlessly
  • Has the highest biocompatibility
  • Shown in published study to close marginal gaps

It integrates with natural tooth structure, is stable in the mouth and exhibits tooth-like physical and mechanical properties with self-sealing abilities that result in an alkaline seal for more permanent acid resistance. Additionally, there is zero sensitivity making it the most patient-friendly cement available. Ceramir C&B can be used in your everyday practice with zirconia and other high-strength ceramic materials, metal, gold, and implant crowns. Not only is it ideal for these cases, but It also has superior retention to zirconia without the need for primers or special cleaners.

Ceramir Saves Time & Money

Eliminates any time and product spent on using special cleaners, etchants or bonding agents for the tooth and primers for the crowns eliminates the time spent on difficult cement clean-up.

Ceramir is Easy to Use

Less technique sensitive, no extra steps, integrates naturally with ceramics, metal as well as the tooth, no bonding, isolation, silane, etc, not moisture sensitive when cementing, viscosity allows placement without resistance, easy clean-up.

Ceramir is Natural & Bioactive

Kinder to the patient - does not irritate the pulp, no pain or post-operative sensitivity, integrates with and protects the tooth by the natural re-mineralization principle, creates Hydroxy apatite - the body's own hard tissue when in contact with saliva or other phosphate containing liquids.

Ceramir Forms a Permanent Seal

Predictable results with long-term seal - does not degrade/shrink, instead optimises all properties over time in the mouth, resistance to acid attacks and secondary caries, high pH gives self-sealing and antibacterial properties.

Ceramir is Scientifically Proven

Ceramir is backed by scientific and clinical studies, has won many prestigious awards and is recommended by prominent doctors.

Ceramir is Now Available in the UK

Ceramir is now available in the UK through Mac Technologies, Doxa's specialist distribution partner.

Ceramir Crown & Bridge. Redefining Cement.